A friend of mine asked me if my theory implied a version of panpsychism. I suppose it does in a very very weak sense, but for all practical purposes the answer is no. Almost all physical events in the universe with the exception of brains (and possibly singularity events like the big bang and black holes) are overwhelmingly either deterministic or uncertain. On the very small scales of quantum froth, uncertainty is the order of the day. Conversely, macroscopic physical events are almost entirely deterministic. A mind (in the sense that we commonly use the word) requires significant causal interactions between these two extremes. This is what makes brains such surprising and intriguing phenomena. Everywhere else in nature, the quantum world and the world of classical physics are more or less mutually exclusive. While I often refer to all events as having a mental property, it might be more accurate and less confusing to call them proto-mental properties. It’s only when both properties are present and interacting in significant ways that minds as we know them come about.


~ by jneuhaus on June 11, 2008.

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